Managing Director

 As a Managing Director of the Benefit Capital Companies, Richard F. Sandifer is responsible for sourcing, negotiating, financing, and closing management and employee buyouts, as well as other leveraged transactions. He developed his expertise from his previous positions in private merchant banking firms and brings a time-honored record of success in the capital markets to his position with Benefit Capital. He has managed a private investment fund in excess of $300 million. He has been a partner of the Spectrum Group, a private merchant banking organization based in Los Angeles, and Tatum CFO Partners, LLP, headquartered in Atlanta, and has operated his own consulting and investment banking firm.

 Over the past 20 years, Mr. Sandifer has been involved in sourcing, structuring, financing and closing successful transactions involving companies with revenues totaling in excess of $1.5 billion and purchase prices exceeding $750 million. Previously, Mr. Sandifer was vice president of Union Venture Capital Corporation, Union Bank's venture capital arm, where he structured and financed new ventures as well as worked with those ventures needing management assistance and recapitalization. He was also chief financial officer of an American Stock Exchange company. His earlier experience in E. F. Hutton & Company's corporate finance department was invaluable in converting struggling companies into viable and prosperous entities.

 Mr. Sandifer holds a B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Kansas and is a graduate of Advanced Financial Training of the New York Institute of Finance. Following active duty in the U.S. Air Force as a pilot of single-engine jets, Mr. Sandifer joined Dun & Bradstreet and later became a partner in the securities brokerage firm of Harris Upham & Company.

 Prior to moving to Los Angeles from Kansas City, Missouri, Mr. Sandifer held active leadership positions at the Barstow School Board of Trustees, served as treasurer, vice president, and president of St. Paul's Episcopal Parish Day School, was a member of the Society of Fellows - William Rockhill Nelson Gallery and Art Museum, and participated on the board of the Youth Symphony of Kansas City, Missouri. He is a past advisory board member of Pepperdine University. In Los Angeles, he has continued his pattern of community service through his involvement in the Los Angeles Music Center--as a Founder and as a Patron of the Los Angeles Music Center Opera--and through leadership positions with the United Fund Campaign, the Boy Scouts of America, American Youth Soccer, and the Wilshire Baseball League. He has served as Treasurer and Senior Warden of All Saints Episcopal Church, Beverly Hills, California, and is a past member of the Parents Board of Harvard School.

 Mr. Sandifer's financial achievements were the subject of a major magazine article in the Saturday Evening Post.

 "The keys to successful investment lie in planning, strategy, meticulous and objective evaluation of both risks and opportunities, and--most importantly--a proven track record."







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